Is Income At Home A Scam?

by Admin on April 6, 2013 has raised many questions from potential customers mainly through their aggressive radio advertising campaigns. If you were searching for their official website you heard about in the radio ads, you can click this link, and be automatically redirected to their website for more information.

However, if you want the particulars about as to whether or not they are legit, how do they make money, what products do they sell, and everything else not mentioned in the radio ad, you are in the right place. Hopefully, the following in-depth review will honestly answer your questions and help you decide if the incomeathome system is right for you or are there other viable options available.

What Is IncomeAtHome?

Almost an entire book could be written to encompass all that is implied in this one question alone, but for the purposes of this review I will try to keep it short and to the point. is a trademarked term registered and owned by Centurion Media Group located in Barbados. Since it’s inception several years ago, the website has only had one clear cut purpose and that was, and still is, to generate sales leads.


If you were to visit the website, you would be asked to enter your name and email address in order to proceed through the website for additional information. Once you have done so, your personal information is then sold as a “sales lead” to a distributor associated with Online Business Systems for as much as $100 for each name and address captured.

Online Business Systems was associated with Herbalife International, (a 30 year old MLM company), for years up until just recently. Online Business Systems is no longer allowed to sell these leads to other Hebalife distributors so now they have moved their operation to become associated with Veema, another health and wellness MLM company. Online Business Systems is now officially described as an online method of operating a Veema independent distributorship.

Why Does The Radio Ads Provide So Little Information?

If you just read the description above, the answer should be quite obvious. How many visitors to you think the website would receive if the radio ad said, “We collect sales leads to be sold to other Veema distributors so they can contact you by phone to see if you‘re interested”? Very few I’m sure.

Although,, Centurion Media Group, Online Business Systems, and Veema all operate within the parameters of present day laws, it is by the narrowest of margins. I’ll leave it up to you to determine whether or not you think they are unethical or deceptive in their business practices. You may also wonder why some of your favorite and noted radio personalities would endorse and even recommend such a highly controversial business opportunity? The short and simple answer is, they are paid for their endorsements and given a script to follow. Unfortunately, they are not paid to investigate or any of it’s long line of business associates.

Is A Scam?

First, it is only fair to all concerned to understand the legal definition of a scam. (A scam means a deliberate attempt of a company or individual to defraud a potential client or customer by offering goods or services in exchange for money and failing to provide promised goods or services to the client or customer.)

In this case, or any of it’s known business associates would not be considered a scam. Again, I would urge you to check out thoroughly before deciding to proceed with the program as a viable way to make money from home. Many red flags for sure but perfectly legal. Other great resources with more detailed information

Are There Real Legit Work At Home Opportunities Out There?

Absolutely! However, they are few compared to all the scam opportunities you will find available online.

It has been reported that approximately 97% of all online work at home opportunities are scams. I’m not sure if that’s 100% accurate but after years of writing reviews, I’m sure it’s a reasonably accurate estimate.

Your best and safest bet to make money from home is through a website like where each listed opportunity has been completely tested and proven over time. Also, each comes with a 100% money back guarantee good for 6 to 8 weeks after the start date. This allows you the time necessary to determine if the opportunity you chose will make money as advertised. If not, at least you are not at any risk of losing any money

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